Chicco Keyfit 30 Magic vs Keyfit 30 : Which Chicco Keyfit is More Suitable for You?

Are you looking for infant car seats for your baby? I’m sure that Keyfit 30 Magic and Keyfit 30 (regular) are two alternative choices for Chicco at the top of your list. They are two popular choices of infant car seats from Chicco. You may get confused about which of them is more suitable for your baby since you can find that Keyfit 30 Magic and Keyfit 30 looks similar in few aspects. This article will try to help you know more about Chicco Keyfit 30 Magic and Keyfit 30 so that you can decide which of them is more suitable for your baby.

Chicco Keyfit 30 Magic Review

Chicco Keyfit 30 Magic

Chicco Keyfit 30 Magic

Chicco Keyfit 30 Magic is intended for the infant from 4 to 30 lbs. It offers comfortable yet safe place for the baby with reversible infant insert, 5-point harness and energy absorbing EPS foam lining. Chicco Keyfit 30 Magic comes with Reclinesure technology that use spring to make sure that It’s fit into wide range of vehicle. There’s also RideRight indicator on either side of the base to tell you the accuracy of seat angle. One-pull Latch tightener that also called SuperCinch is another feature that you can find in Chicco Keyfit 30 Magic to help you to get tight and secure fit easier. Chicco Keyfit 30 Magic also comes with large canopy with extendable mesh panel that blocks the sun but maintain cool breeze for the baby.

How’s the customers feedback about this Car seat? Most of the customers are happy with their Chicco Keyfit 30 Magic. The customers said that the based of this car seat is easy to install with the adjusters that make sure to get perfect fit in any seats you want to place it. They also said that the material used by this car seat is comfortable with breathable and reversible that able to kept the baby warm. The other customers said that They love the large canopy top that provides shade to the baby’s body and face. You can find out more about the customers’ reviews on their Chicco Keyfit 30 Magic on… 

Chicco Keyfit 30 Review

Chicco Keyfit 30

Chicco Keyfit 30

Chicco Keyfit 30 is more basic infant car seats when We compared it to Chicco Keyfit 30 magic. You can find a number of similarities between Chicco Keyfit 30 Magic and Chicco Keyfit 30. Chicco Keyfit 30 also comes with 5-point harness with one-pull tightener, ReclineSure and RideRight buble-level indicator similar to Chicco Keyfit 30 Magic. As We have talked before, one-pull tightener make sure to get tight and secure fit easier. The “Keyfit” feature make it easy for in/out onto the base since you can hear the audible click, while It also can be removed from the base with only one hand.

As you might already know, Chicco Keyfit 30 is one of the most popular choices for infant car seats. The customers’ ratings for this car seat is almost perfect that means everyone is happy with their purchase. They said that this car seat is easy to install while a customer has already proved their baby is safe from an accident with this car seat. Few customers also mentioned that this car is more expensive than few other brands but the safety and convenience make it worth the money that spent for it. Do you want to hear more about this infant car seat from the customers? You can read more what the customers said about Chicco Keyfit 30 on…

Key Specs & Features

Before moving forward and talk about the differences of Chicco Keyfit 30 magic and the “non magic” one, let’s take a look together on their key specs and features that I’m sure you want to know.

Chicco Keyfit 30 Magic Chicco Keyfit 30
Brand Chicco Chicco
Car Seat Type Infant Car Seat Infant Car Seat
Weight Recommendation 4-30 lbs 4-30 lbs
Target gender Unisex unisex
5-point harness YES YES
SuperCinch YES YES
ReclineSure YES YES
RideRight YES YES
Infant Insert YES YES
Zip-out Mesh Panel YES NO
All-Weather Boot YES NO
FAA approved YES YES
Compatible with Chicco Bravo, Cortina, Neuvo, TRE, Activ3, Cortina Together, Liteway Plus, and KeyFit Caddy strollers Chicco Bravo, Cortina, Neuvo, TRE, Activ3, Cortina Together, Liteway Plus, and KeyFit Caddy strollers
Price Check Price on Check Price on

What are Their Differences?

From the table above, we can find at least three differences between Chicco Keyfit 30 Magic and the regular Chicco Keyfit 30. Let’s discuss more about those differences.

1. Zip-out Mesh Panel

The “magic” version of Chicco Keyfit 30 comes with larger canopy. In regular position, you can find that the canopy of the magic reached the handle of the seat, while the regular one end up few inches short of. You can also find that the rear canopy of the magic can be unzipped and extends the canopy around 5 inches forward. This feature also let the breeze in. The extended canopy works as the sunshade for the baby.

2. All-Weather Boot

You can also find additional boot on the Chicco Keyfit 30 Magic. This all-weather boot is removable boot that can be folded open while still attached. Although some customers said that It can’t cover much of the baby, but It still can help the baby to stay warm.

3. Price

The magic version is positioned as the higher model than the regular Chicco keyfit 30, so it’s usually also offered at higher price than the regular one. How about their price difference? There’s no fixed price difference for infant car seat. So it’s recommended to check the price of Chicco Keyfit 30 Magic and Chicco Keyfit 30 to know their latest price difference.

Which one Should You Choose?

We have talked about Chicco Keyfit 30 Magic and regular. They are almost identical infant car seats. But the magic version comes with additional huge sunshade that protect the baby better from the sunlight, while It also can let the cool breeze in at the same time. You can also find all-weather boot attached on Keyfit 30 magic. Although it doesn’t cover much of the baby but It still can help the baby warmer on the car seats. With only a little more price difference, It’s the car seat that you should consider if you think you need to protect the baby from the direct sunlight more while still maintain the breeze to let in. It’s also the model that you may also consider if you live in cold climate. Where should you order Chicco Keyfit 30 Magic? We recommend you to order Chicco Keyfit 30 Magic from…

In the other hand, the regular Chicco Keyfit 30 is a good option for you if you don’t think that you need larger sunshade. It also indeed doesn’t come with the all-weather boot but for sure you can get your baby warmer with blanket or shower-cap style cover on the regular Chicco Keyfit 3. You can usually also get a little less expensive price for Chicco Keyfit 30. Where’s recommended place to order Chicco Keyfit 30? You can order Chicco Keyfit 30 from…

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