Clek Fllo 2017 vs Fllo 2016 : Comparison of 2017 and 2016 Version of Clek Fllo

Clek Fllo is one of the popular choice when We talk about convertible car seat. You can find Clek Fllo 2017 as the newer model for Clek Fllo 2016. As the newer and older model, you can find there are a number of similarities between Clek Fllo 2017 and Clek Fllo 2016. What’s improved in the new 2017 model? This article will talk about the Clek Fllo 2017 and Clek 2016 then compare those two models so that you have the idea on which version of Clek Fllo is the one that you should choose.

Clek Fllo 2017

Clek Fllo 2017

Clek Fllo 2017

Clek Fllo 2017 is the new model of Clek Fllo that will be shipped firstly in February 2017. Clek Fllo 2017 comes with mostly similar features as Clek Fllo 2016. It comes with safety features such as a steel anti-rebound bar, Clek’s Energy-absorbing crumple technology and rear-facing that can be used up to 50 lbs. Energy-absorbing crumple technology is safety technology that reduce the energy transmitted to the child during collision with aluminium deformable cores that integrated with the seat base. Clek Fllo 2017 also comes with Advanced side impact protection that completed with deep side wings, energy-absorbing foam layers, and an adjustable structural headrest.

Clek Fllo 2016

Clek Fllo 2016

Clek Fllo 2016

Clek Fllo 2016 is one of popular choices for convertible car seat in 2016. Although Clek is not as popular as Britax, Graco or Chicco but there are a number of customers that choose Clek as their car seat and They are satisfied with their choice. Clek Fllo 2016 is intended for the children from 14-65 pounds. It’s to be used as rear-facing car seat for 14-50 lbs kids or as forward facing car seat for 22-65 lbs toddler. It can be used by newborn baby with additional infant-thingy insert that you can get separately. Clek Fllo comes with the leading safety features such as steel anti-rebound bar, Clek’s Energy-Absorbing Crumple Technology that’s already patented and extended rear-facing use up to 50 lbs in weight.

Table of Similarities & Differences

We need to know the key specs and features of Clek Fllo 2017 and Clek Fllo 2016 before We can compare them. Their key features specs can be found on the Similarities & Differences table below.

Clek Fllo 2017
Clek Fllo 2016
Brand Clek Clek
Car Seat Type Convertible Car Seat Convertible Car Seat
Weight Recommendation 14-65 lbs 14-65 lbs
Rear-Facing 14-50 lbs 14-50 lbs
Forward-Facing 22-65 lbs 22-65 lbs
steel anti-rebound YES YES
Advanced side-impact protection YES YES
Energy-Absorbing Crumple Technology YES YES
Compact design YES YES
GREENGUARD Crypton Super Fabrics YES YES
Crotch Pad Triangle Circle
Price Commonly Higher Commonly Lower

Any Differences between Clek Fllo 2017 and Fllo 2016?

Most of aspects of Clek Fllo 2017 are similar with the 2016 version. They are both intended for rear-facing car seat of 14-50 lbs kids and forward facing 22-65 toddlers. Clek Fllo is one of the best safest convertible car seats with complete safety features. It comes with Energy-Absorbing Crumple Technology, while It also comes with advanced side impact protection that consist of adjustable headrest, inner and outer energy absorbing foam layers, metal substructure with deep side wings installed on Clek Fllo. Clek Fllo comes with slim design with less than 17-Inch wide. It’s tailored with Greenguard certified crypton fabrics that give protection from stains, moisture and odor-causing bacteria. The improvement that you can find on Clek Fllo 2017 is their Crotch pad. It comes with cushy triangle while the older Clek Fllo 2016 comes with circle one. The actual crotch buckle in Clek Fllo 2017 is also longer on its longest setting.

In the price side, We can find that Clek Fllo 2017 as the new model is offered at a little higher price as the older Clek Fllo 2016 is usually discounted by the retailers. Although We can find that there’s no major improvement on the new Clek Fllo 2017, There’s indeed improvements from the version to version that’s not openly announced. So the new model is always be slightly better than the older model. It’s better to check the price of Clek Fllo 2017 and Clek Fllo 2016 to know their latest price difference.

Should You Choose the Newer Model?

From the review above, We can find that in most aspects, the new Clek Fllo 2017 is similar to the older Clek Fllo 2016. But you can find the improvements on the crotch pad. It’s improved from circle into cushy triangle that improve the comfort level of the kids sitting on it. The longest setting for the crotch buckle is also longer on Clek Fllo 2017 that make it comfortable to be used on bigger kids. The newer model is usually priced at the normal price while maybe It looks more expensive than the older one that usually discounted. So when you are looking for the latest version and don’t mind to spend a little more for that, then you should go ahead with Clek Fllo 2017.

But if you are looking for something that almost identical but you have more limited budget, then you should go ahead with Clek Fllo 2016. Although It’s the older model, but in most aspect, you can find that Clek Fllo 2016 is similar to the new Clek Fllo 2017. Although there’s a difference on the crotch pads and buckle, but overall the customers are satisfied with their Clek Fllo 2016 that give you a reason to consider it as your kid’s convertible car seat. When you can find it offered at the discounted price by the retailers, then It’s a good choice that you should consider especially if you don’t want to spend more for the new model.

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