Evenflo Evolve Platinum vs Transitions : Should You Choose Evolve Platinum?

We can find the new Evenflo Evolve Platinum (Platinum Evolve) and Evenflo Transitions as two new options for 3-in-1 combination booster seat that offered by Evenflo in 2017. As two near models that introduced at almost the same time, you can find that there are similarities between Evenflo Evolve Platinum and Evenflo Transitions. Is there are differences between them? Yes, for sure there are few differences. Let’s talk about those two combination booster car seat then talking about whether you should consider to choose the higher Evenflo Evolve Platinum on this article.

Evenflo Evolve Platinum Introduction

Evenflo Evolve Platinum

Evenflo Evolve Platinum

Evenflo Evolve Platinum is one of 3-in-1 combination booster car seat released by Evenflo. As 3-in-1 combination booster car seat, Evenflo Evolve Platinum can be used in 3 different modes. It can be used as forward-facing harnessed booster seat for 22-65 lbs toddler or seat belt booster of no back booster for 40-120 lbs kids. Evenflo Evolve Platinum comes with complete safety feature. It’s completed with E3 Side Impact Protection while It has already passed the side impact test, 2X the federal crash test standard. Additionally, Evenflo Evolve Platinum is also passed the rollover test standard to make sure that It’s safe for the kid during the collision. Evenflo Evolve Platinum use Outlast Performance Fabrics that can regulate the temperature so that the kid is comfortable during the cold or hot weather. Evenflo Evolve Platinum is also completed with dual cup holder so that the children can reach their favorite drink anytime They need it. This car seat is also completed with One hand adjustable headrest to match the growth of the child.

Evenflo Transitions Introduction

Evenflo Transitions

Evenflo Transitions

Evenflo Transitions is another 3-in-1 combination booster car seat introduced by Evenflo. As 3-in-1 combination booster car seat, Evenflo Transtions can be used in 3 different modes: Forward Facing with 5-point-harness, High-back booster and backless booster. Evenflo Transitions can be used as forward-facing car seat for 22-65 lbs toddler, while It can used as both high-back belt positioning booster or no back booster car seat for 40-120 pounds kid. Evenflo Transitions also comes with SureSafe installation. With its quick Connectors and Latch Guides, You can install Evenflo Transtions quickly and safe. Evenflo Transitions has already passed the safety test needed such as 2X the federal crash test standard and side impact test. Energy-absorbing EPS foam is also installed along with Steel reinforced frame to absorb the energy from the collision. Evenflo Transtions also comes with adjustable headrest so that It can match your growing child, while It’s completed with 4 harness height positions. Dual cup holder is also attached in Evenflo Transitions to give the child access to their favorite drink.

Table of Comparison

We need to know the key specs and features of Evenflo Evolve Platinum and Transitions before We can talk more about their differences. The key specs and features of those two combination booster car seats can be found on the table below in comparison format.

Evenflo Evolve Platinum Evenflo Transitions
Brand Evenflo Evenflo
Car Seat Type Combination Booster Car Seat Combination Booster Car Seat
Harnessed Booster Weight 22-65 Pounds 22-65 Pounds
Seat Belt Booster Weight 40-120 Pounds 40-120 Pounds
No Back Booster Weight 40-120 Pounds 40-120 Pounds
Suresafe Installation YES YES
Crotch Buckle Positions 2 2
Adjustable head position YES YES
Side Impact Protection YES YES
Outlast Performance fabric YES NO
Side Impact Tested YES YES
2X federal crash test standard YES YES
Cup Holder 2 (integrated) 2 (Integrated)
Price Check Price on Amazon.com Check Price on Amazon.com

Evenflo Evolve Platinum and Transitions Key Differences

We can find that Evenflo Evolve Platinum and Transitions are similar in most of their aspects. They come as similar 3-in-1 combination booster car seat that can be used for 22-120 pounds kids. They come with similar features such as adjustable headrest and suresafe installation system. The key difference between them is the Outlast performance fabrics. Outlast Performance Fabrics is installed in Evenflo Evolve Platinum to balance the temperature of the kid that sitting on it. With the balancing temperature, the kid would be comfortable with this car seat in the cold or hot weather. Both of Evenflo Evolve Platinum and Transtions also pass the side impact test and 2X federal crash test standard. Additionally Evenflo Evolve Platinum also pass the rollover standard test to make sure that It’s secure for the child inside it, during a collision.

Evenflo Evolve Platinum can be said as the improved model of Evenflo Transitions. So We can commonly find Evenflo Evolve Platinum is offered at the higher price than Evenflo Transitions. How much is their price difference? If you want to know the latest price difference of Evenflo Evolve Platinum and Evenflo Transitions, it’s recommended that you check current price of Evenflo Evolve Platinum and Evenflo Transitions as their prices may change over time.

Should You Choose Evenflo Evolve Platinum?

Basically, Evenflo Evolve Platinum is similar to Evenflo Transitions. They both come with similar specs and features except the new Outlast performance fabrics that’s installed on Evenflo Evolve Platinum. With Outlast performance Fabric, The kids is more comfortable with its balancing temperature fabric. Additionally Evenflo Evolve Platinum is also rollover tested so that It become more securely-proved. So if you are looking for more comfortable car seat that have taken further rollover test to make sure It’s safer during the collision and you don’t mind to pay a little more for that, then you should go ahead with Evenflo Evolve Platinum. Where’s recommended place to order one? You can order Evenflo Evolve Platinum from Amazon.com…

In the other side, We can find that Evenflo Transitions is a good choice that you can consider especially when you have less budget and you can find this combination booster car seat is offered at lower price than Evenflo Evolve Platinum. It’s indeed not completed with Outlast Performance fabrics and is not tested with rollover testing yet, but It’s still comfortable enough for the kid, while It already pass the main side impact test and federal crash test needed. Where should you order Evenflo Transitions? We recommend you to order Evenflo Transtions from Amazon.com…

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