Evenflo Platinum SafeMax vs Symphony DLX : Is Evenflo Platinum SafeMax a Better Choice?

Two of convertible car seats that you should consider are Evenflo Platinum SafeMax (SafeMax Platinum) and Evenflo Symphony DLX that introduced by Evenflo. Evenflo Platinum SafeMax is the new convertible car seats that introduced by Evenflo in 2017, while Evenflo Symphony DLX is popular convertible car seat that have been in the market since 2014. As two convertible car seats introduced by Evenflo, you may ask about the differences between those two convertible car seats. We will answer that question by talking about those two Evenflo convertible car seats then discuss more about their differences.

Evenflo Platinum SafeMax Short Introduction

Evenflo Platinum SafeMax is positioned as the premium car seat from Evenflo. It’s introduced in the first quarter of 2017. Evenflo Platinum SafeMax can be used in three different modes, rear-facing for 5-40 pounds infant, forward-facing for 22-65 Pounds toddler and booster for 40-120 pounds bigger child. Evenflo is completed with integrated steel frame and SafeZone headrest to make this car seat secure. Integrated steel frame provide strenght to absorb the energy from a collision, while SafeZone headrest provides advanced protection to absorb and dissipate crash forces. It also have passed side impact test, federal crash test and the new rollover standard test. Evenflo Platinum SafeMax also comes with Outlast Performance Fabric that can regulate temperature so that the child is comfortable sitting on it. To make the installation simple and secure, Evenflo Platinum SafeMax is completed with Quick Connector LATCH and guides. You can also find two cup holders on both side of the armest that help your child to get easy access to their favorite drinks. The Car seat pad is also machine washable so you don’t have to worry when It gets dirty.

How’s the customers’ feedback about this car seat? We can see, from the customers’ feedback, most of the customers are satisfied with their Evenflo Platinum SafeMax. A number of customers said that the installation of this car seat is easy, although few of them need some time to get it installed. It’s also easy to adjust the car seat as commented by several customers. They also said that this car seat is comfortable to be used for the child. If you need to know more about this car seat, You can read more about Evenflo Platinum SafeMax customers’ reviews on this page…

Evenflo Symphony DLX Short Introduction

Evenflo Symphony DLX is premium car seat from Evenflo that firstly introduced in 2014. It’s one of the most popular premium car seats in the market these few years. Evenflo Symphony DLX comes as convertible car seat that can be used in rear-facing mode, forward-facing mode and booster mode. Evenflo Symphony DLX can be used as rear-facing car seat for 5-40 lbs infant, forward-facing car seat for 22-65 lbs infant and booster car seat for 40-110 lbs kid. Evenflo Symphony DLX comes with SureLATCH connectors that make it easy to be installed with minimum time. You can find e3 Side impact protection installed in Evenflo Symphony DLX that can reduce the side impact forces through its 3 expanded layers. You can easily take the seat pad off and machine wash it so you don’t have to worry about the dirty car seat pad. Evenflo Symphony is already completed with dual cup holder on both of the armrest so that your kids can easily access their drink during longer trip.

When We look at the customers’ feedback, We can find that most of the customers love their Evenflo Symphony DLX. The customers said that this car seat is easy to install, while few of them additionally suggested to follow the instruction for the install. The customers also said that this car seat is also easy to adjust. They also reported that their child is comfortable sitting on this car seat. The customers said that this car seat is secure and safe, while few of them have already proved that during their accident in which their kid remains safe. Are you interested to know more about this car seat from the customers’ perspective? You can find out more what the customers said about Evenflo Symphony DLX here…

Table of Features & Specs

We need to know the features and specs of Evenflo Platinum SafeMax and Evenflo Symphony DLX before We can talk about the differences of those two convertible car seats. The features and specs of those two convertible car seats can be found on the table below.

Evenflo Platinum SafeMax Evenflo Symphony DLX
Brand Evenflo Evenflo
Car Seat Type Convertible Car Seat Convertible Car Seat
Rear-Facing weight 5-40 lbs 5-40 lbs
Forward Facing Weight 22-65 lbs 22-65 lbs
Booster Weight 40-120 lbs 40-110 lbs
E3 Side Impact Protection YES YES
Side Impact Tested YES YES
Federal Crash Tested YES YES
Rollover Tested YES NO
Integrated Steel Frame YES NO
SafeZone Headrest YES NO
Outlast Performance Fabric YES YES
Machine Washable Car Seat Pad YES YES
Cup Holder 2 2
Price Commonly Higher

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Commonly Lower

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What’s Their Difference?

We can find few differences of Evenflo Platinum SafeMax and Symphony DLX after We take a look at the table above. I’m sure that you want to know further about those differences. Let’s talk more about those differences together.

1. Booster Mode Weight Recommendation

Evenflo Platinum SafeMax and Symphony DLX can be used in rear facing, forward facing and booster mode. In their booster mode, you can find that the maximum weight recommendation of Evenflo Platinum SafeMax is higher than Evenflo Symphony DLX. Evenflo Platinum SafeMax can be used in its booster mode up to 120lbs weight, while Evenflo Symphony DLX can be used in booster mode for u to 110 lbs weight.

2. SafeZone headrest

Evenflo Platinum SafeMax comes with SafeZone headrest. SafeZone headrest is impact absorbing features that dissipate crash forces to protect the important part of the kids body. It’s also easy adjusted to match your growing child with its one-hand height adjustment.

3. Integrated Steel frame

You can find integrated steel frame in Evenflo Platinum SafeMax. Integrated steel frame provides sturdy design on the car seat. The integrated steel frame is also able to absorb the crash forces to protect your child.

4. Rollover Tested

Both of Evenflo Platinum SafeMax and Evenflo Symphony DLX have already passed side impact test and federal crash test. Additionally Evenflo Platinum SafeMax is also tested with rollover standard test that make it more secure from any accident case.

5. Price

Evenflo Platinum SafeMax as the newer model was introduced at the lower price than Evenflo Symphony DLX. But you may find special price of Evenflo Platinum SafeMax that make it less expensive than Evenflo Symphony DLX.

Is Evenflo Platinum SafeMax Better than Evenflo Symphony DLX?

We can find, from our discussion above, that Evenflo Platinum SafeMax comes with few better features than Evenflo Symphony DLX. It comes with additional SafeZone headrest and integrated steel frame, while It’s also additionally tested with rollover standard test. If you are looking for more secure convertible car seat than you should consider Evenflo Platinum SafeMax. In special case, you can also find it offered in less expensive price although It’s commonly offered at the higher price than Evenflo Symphony DLX. With its additional safety features and test then Evenflo Platinum SafeMax is the better choice that you should consider. Where should you order one? It’s recommended that you order Evenflo Platinum SafeMax here…

Evenflo Symphony DLX is the older model that you can find as a good alternative choice of Evenflo Platinum SafeMax especially when you can find it offered at the lower price than Evenflo Symphony DLX. It indeed doesn’t come with SafeZone headrest and integrated steel frame. It’s also not tested with rollover tested. But the customers who use this car seat have already proved that It’s very secure car seat that can save their child during their accident. Where’s recommended place to order Evenflo Symphony DLX? You can order Evenflo Symphony DLX here…

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