Evenflo Symphony DLX vs Symphony LX : Which Convertible Car Seat Should You Choose?

If you are looking for convertible car seat from Evenflo, then you can find Evenflo Symphony DLX (Elite) and Symphony LX as two choices that you can consider. From their similar name, We can easily guess that there are a number of similarities between those two car seats. But which of them is the one that You should choose? This article talk about Evenflow Symphony DLX and Symphony LX then discuss about the key differences of those two convertible car seats from Evenflo. We hope that this article can help you decide which of them is the one that you should choose for your kid’s convertible car seat.

Evenflo Symphony DLX Short Introduction

Evenflo Symphony DLX

Evenflo Symphony DLX

Evenflo Symphony DLX is positioned as the higher model compared to Symphony LX. Evenflo Symphony DLX comes with Superior e3 Side Impact Protection to reduce the forces of the side impact crashes. The kid also have easy access to their drink with dual elastic cup holders on both side of the car seat. Evenflo Symphony DLX comes with the advanced SureLatch technology for secure installations in seconds. The car seat pad of Evenflo Symphony DLX is also Machine-washable so you don’t have to worry if It’s quite dirty and needs some wash. You can check today’s price of Evenflo Symphony DLX on Evenflo.com here…

Evenflo Symphony LX Short Introduction

Evenflo Symphony LX

Evenflo Symphony LX

If you are looking for more affordable model of Symphony DLX, then you can find Evenflow Symphony LX as your choice. Evenflo Symphony LX is also already completed with Superior e3 Side impact protection for more protection from side impact collision. For easy access to drink for the kids, You can find two seat integrated cup holders attached on Evenflo Symphony LX. Evenflo Symphony LX also comes with infinite slide harness that fit accurately as your child grows. To attach this car seat, you can easily use Quick Connector Latch System that can be easily attached and detached to the car. Similar to Symphony DLX, Symphony LX also 3-in-1 car seat that means It can be used for rear facing infant car seat, forward facing toddler car seat and car seat booster for older child. You can check today’s price of Evenflo Symphony LX on Evenflo.com here…

Comparison Table

We need to know the key specs and features of Evenflo Symphony DLX and Symphony LX before We can go ahead with talking about their differences. The key specs and features of Evenflo Symphony DLX and LX can be found on the table below.

Evenflo Symphony DLX Evenflo Symphony LX
Brand Evenflo Evenflo
Car Seat Type Convertible Car Seat Convertible Car Seat
Recommended Weight 5-110 Pounds 5-110 Pounds
3-in-1 car seat YES YES
e3 Side Impact Protection YES YES
elastic cup holder YES YES
Infinite Slide Harness YES YES
Upfront multi position recline YES YES
Upfront harness adjustment YES YES
Connectors SureLATCH Technology Quick Connector LATCH
Price Check Today’s Price (Evenflo.com)… Check Today’s Price (Evenflo.com)…

Key Differences of Evenflo Symphony DLX and Symphony LX

We can see that Evenflo Symphony DLX and LX are similar in most of their aspects. The key difference that We can find is their connector. Evenflo Symphony DLX comes with SureLATCH connectors, while Evenflo Symphony LX comes with Quick Connectors Latch. SureLatch connectors is more advanced connector technology than Quick Connector Latch. Although Quick connectors Latch is more conventional connector, but It’s still easy and secure.

As the higher model, We can easily assume that Eventflo Symphony DLX is more expensive than Symphony LX. But how much is their price difference? It’s recommended to check the latest price of Evenflo Symphony DLX and Symphony LX since their prices often change from time to time.

Which Evenflo Symphony Should You Choose?

From our discussion above, We can find that Evenflo Symphony DLX and LX are almost similar convertible car seats. They are both intended as 3-in-1 that can be just the only car seat that you should purchase because It can be used as rear-facing infant from 5-40 lbs, forward facing toddlers from 22-40 lbs, and child booster from 40-110 lbs. They also use almost similar technology such as e3 side impact protection, infinite slide harness, upfront multi position recline and upfront harness adjustment. They both also come with cup holder and machine-washable car seat pad. Eventflo Symphony DLX as the higher model comes with better connectors with more advanced SureLatch technology that make secure installation of the car seat is easier and simpler. If you don’t mind to spend more budget for SureLatch technology, then you should go ahead with Eventflo Symphony DLX. Where’s recommended place to order one? You should order Evenflo Symphony DLX directly from Evenflo.com here…

In the other hand, if you are in more limited budget and don’t want to spend more, Evenflo Symphony LX is a good choice that you should consider. You can find all the features of Evenflo Symphony DLX in the LX version except the SureLatch technology. Quick Connector Latch of Evenflo Symphony LX is still a good connector that and It’s also easy and secure to be used. So if you think Evenflo Symphony LX is enough for you then you should consider to order Evenflo Symphony LX directly from Evenflo.com here…

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